There are Dozens of companies that manufactures smartwatches, and they prefer creating smartwatches to deliver notifications, apps and more to your wrist. Although features and designs vary much, but the main thing is that if they save your time. Whether you want to control your music or quickly check incoming messages and missed calls, you’ll be able to just glance down at your wrist instead of taking out your phone out. And the Evaluation of smartwatches has resulted in the current five big smartwatch platforms- Apple, Android Wear, Pebble OS, Samsung and Microsoft’s Band. But which one is perfect? Let’s check the factors We should think about before buying a smartwatch-

1.Phone compatibility

 Look for a watch that will be able to work with your phone. And now, most smartwatches now feature some cross-platform compatibility, that might have different functionality on different platforms like windows, Android and iOS

And one thing you should know is that being cross-platform means your smartwatch may get new features but in a slower rate because the company had to design the features for all of the platforms the watch supports, but this also means that you don’t have to buy a new smartwatch if you decide to switch your OS.


 Every smartwatch out there can handle notifications to an extent. Also all of them have peculiar features of pedometers, changeable watch faces, music playback controls,  and a variety of apps. Other features can vary depending on the smart watch platform and band. Many of them supports social networking too.


 If you care about your fitness more than the notifications, then you’ll want a heart rate sensor and/or GPS. Microsoft’s Band is best smart watch for fitness as it has very accurate versions of both functionality and healthcare as well as arguably the most robust health app for a smartwatch.

The watch you need for your health should include the usual like mapping your runs and calories burned, but also provide information about your blood oxygen levels, sleep time, UV light exposure, and finding the cons in your health. It is the lack of apps which limits the abilities of the watches.

 4.Battery Life

 No matter how cheap and efficient manufacturers try to be, but if we compare, the traditional watches are far more superior than smart watches in terms of the battery life. This is mostly contingent upon the display technology of the watches that have AMOLED and LCD displays, limiting most smartwatches to a maximum of two days on a charge.

With usage of the most of the features of the watch, you’ll be charging your smartwatch every night, though there are a few exceptions. Samsung smartwatches (gear) manages to squeeze up to 3 days and the latest Pebble’s e-ink technology allows the Time and Time Steel to last up to a week on a charge, at the expense of colour and resolution and that’s much for a smartwatch.


 Most of the people simply won’t buy a smartwatch they would not want to be seen wearing, so design could be the one of the most important part of buying a smartwatch, depending on how you want to use it. The choices of our design will vary from person to person, so building a perfect design watch will be difficult for a brand. But the design I liked is of the Motorola’s watch. It’s simple, round, and has the traditional watch look


 None of the above matters if you can’t actually pay for a smartwatch, so this is the most important factor to be considered. The prices vary tremendously depending on the above factors. So search for a better price and compare the watches you liked the most.