Best 5 Android Launchers

These days, almost every smartphone brand launches phones with their own custom-skinned UI which includes an Android launcher as well. Defining, an android launcher is basically a simple app which let us to customize how we can interact with your home screen, lock screen, menu, and more.
But when the pre-installed becomes laggy, it comes to choosing a launcher for your Android, then it is natural to get much confused. There are tons of launchers out there available on Google Play so choosing a latched that best suits you will probably become a daunting task.

‌Choosing the Android Launcher becomes more tougher when you are looking for a fast and fluid Android Launcher for a low-end device. But after searching a lot, we had found the best 5 Android launchers that meets the general needs.

Nova Launcher

Best 5 Android Launchers

Nova Launcher is one of the most fluid and easy to use Android launcher available on Google Play. Its combination of speed and features make it stand apart from the competition. Nova Launcher allow their users to customize their home screen layout. One can also change animations, text size and app icons. “OK Google” hotword detection is also supported.

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2. Apex Launcher

Best 5 Android Launchers

Apex Launcher is a very light and small launcher and packs similar features as the Nova Launcher. It allows the users to have up to 9 customizable home screens, custom home screen gestures, ability to change labels of apps/folder, etc. It’s also buttery smooth to operate.

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3. Apus Launcher

Best 5 Android Launchers

Apus is one of the lightest launchers that I had ever used. Although it does not have much things to offer in terms of it’s functionality like the other launchers in the market , but its speedy interface forced me to include apus in this list.

Few of features supported by Apus Launcher are HD Wallpaper, themes, RAM Booster, and support for  various transition effects, and much more. It also lets you to organize apps on the basis of the frequency of use.

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4. Google Now Launcher

Best 5 Android Launchers

Who does not know about the Google Now launcher? It is one of the most famous Android launcher and is used by the most people all over the globe.Its a must have android launcher for those who love the flavour of stock android. The Google launcher is designed to provide easy access to Google Now and thus doesn’t offer many cool features like icons, themes etc: like the other launchers. But for the category of stock launchers, Google is the king.

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5. CM Launcher

Best 5 Android Launchers

CM Launcher is designed in such a manner to provide the maximum performance out of the entry-level smartphones. It takes just 3 MB onlf space ob your phone and dramatically, it improves your UI. It also organizes apps into smart folders smartly while storing the most used apps near the home screen.

The most interesting thing about CM Launcher is that it comes with a anti-virus built-in and this makes it worth trying.

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These are some of the other best Android Launchers that can do change your phone look and feel without affecting its performance much. If we missed anything on your favorite Launchers, then please do let us know about it in the comments.