Why everyone is crazy about the Prisma App?

The latest app craze is Prisma, an app from Russian developers that turns boring photos into art. Everyone wanted to transform a photo into a painting. As per requirement many apps are available in the app store for IOS and in the google play store for android. even many Photoshop filters that can turn a photo into a painting but, the effect is limited and the result is not satisfactory. Prisma, an app (available only for IOS users in the app store, an Android version is in the works) that takes filters to another level and turns smartphone shots into art.

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Prisma, an app can process any photos and turning into art and apply looks of master painters such as Van Gogh, Munch, Mondrian, Picasso. An app is free for now, so if you’re an iPhone user and wants to turn your own photos into art then you can get it from iTunes App store.


why everyone should have this app

  • Prisma is free as well as easy to use.
  • All filters are new and extraordinary.
  • All filters are inspired by famous paintings.
  • In addition, Total 35 filters are available in single app.
  • Photos can be easily share on Facebook and Instagram.
  • One of the best app for photo editing.