​Xiaomi claims that it’s MIUI 7 has about a 30% increase in speed than its previous versions and about 25% more Battery life. But is the MIUI is good enough to have for your phone? The answer is, Yes. The MIUI 7 has some great sets of features which makes it different from others. Now here’s the few MIUI 7 feature which you would like to have:

1. Security

The MIUI 7 comes pre-installed its own Security app which keeps the device safe from malware and other infectious things. It also comes witha Data Saver which lets us to choose restrict apps from using Data or WiFi.

The battery section in the app allows us to select Various Battery Profiles and Customize them. The phone also switches the Profiles when the battery level is at the End.

2. App Lock

The App Lock in the MIUI is much safer than any other locks out there. It allows us to lock apps which we want to secure and gives us options to choose between Pattern, Password or Pin. But like other App Locks, it doesn’t have a fake ‘app stopped working’ trick.

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3. File Manager

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The File Manager is one of the best you will ever found. It organises the thingsaccording to their Category. It also has a clean view that makesfiles easier to find.It also has a ‘Hidden Folders’ feature which isquite amazing. You can Hide your files just by long pressing and acces then by swiping down from the file manager’s home. Then it will ask for a Password or Pattern you selected.

4. Themes

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The customizable theme in the Phone makes it feel fresh every Day. You can choose from Thousands of themes for your Phone or Customize your own.

5. Interactive Visual Response

If you are annoyed when you call a help centre and forget what you need to number press to get your information, then this feature will probably be a lifesaver. Interactive Visual Response (IVR) allows us to quickly bypass those voice prompts and instead provides a lists of Visual Response. This is available for more than 50 Indian partners such as CitiBank, Spicejet, Tata Sky, Indigo etc.
6. XXL Text

The users can adjust the size of the text on their phones to a much bigger size which becomes  easier for text to read and reduces strain on the reader’s eyes.
  7. Child Mode

This feature allows parents to restrict the access to information such as texts or emails from their children but still allows them to use the phone and grants them access to few apps that they choose to grant access.