Incense is an important item in “Pokemon Go” as it draws Pokemon to player’s location. With the help of incense, players don’t have to walk miles looking for Pokemon.

A normal incense lasts for only 30 minutes. What if you get access to infinite incense? Wouldn’t that be great!

Pokemon Go Infinite Incense trick.

Here’s a step by step description to get infinite incense in Pokemon Go:

1)Open your Pokemon Go App.

2) Go in your Bag > Select items > Use Incense


3) Usually it shows you have 30 minutes of Incense

Use Incense

4) Now minimise the app, but don’t close it.

5) Go to settings> System : Date and Time> Uncheck: 1. Automatic Date and time 2. Automatic Timezone

Settings date and Time

6) Now change the time to an earlier time and click Ok. The change should be of around 10 minutes.

Eg: 10:23 > 10:18

Change Time

Note; If the change is large then the trick won’t work.

7)Now restore the minimised App ; the time of incense would have been changed.

Infinite Incense

8) Continue this process repeatedly to enjoy your infinite incense.

Changing the time on your device reportedly does not result in a ban from the game, unlike GPS spoofing. This could be allowed since players live in different timezone.

Note that if you get caught, Niantic may give a warning. This may even lead to suspension or termination of the account.