International Champions Cup 2016!

Before the major leagues start, International Champions Cup 2016 will be a great warm up for all the greatest clubs.  It will be held from 22 July to 13 August in China, Australia, USA and Europe. A great tournament for the managers to test their new signings and also the youth squad. It will also be a great opportunity for the fans to experience their clubs game in their own country.

Here are the initial results of some games !

Manchester United vs Borussia Dortmund (1:4)

Manchester United Included new signing, defender Eric Bailly and midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan who played outstanding 3 seasons with Dortmund. The Dortmund side included leading goal scorer Aubameyang and United connection Shinji Kagawa. Castro started the gal mark for Dortmund due to poor defensing from United. A handball from Valencia leaded to a penalty, converted to a goal by Aubameyang. The sharp footwork from Dembele resulted in another goal. Mkhitaryan opened the score sheet for United but another goal from Castro restored the 3 goal marjin.

Melbourne Victory vs Juventus (1:1) {Penalties 4:3 }

Couple of new names for the Victory side in their line-up. Juventus start with their new signing Dybala along with youngster Alberto Cerri. Spanish youngster Carlos Blanco scored the opening goal from a long range overhead of goalkeeper. Eight minutes before Victory equalised with great teamwork and finished by Jai Ingham. Both goalkeepers did a great job during the penalties but result was from Victory side.

Celtic FC vs Leicester City FC (1:1) { Penalties 5:6 }

The English Champions Leicester City FC face Scotland’s Celtic FC in the International Champions Cup. A terrific footwork from Riyad Mahrez resulted in the firs goal for Leicester. Do check that pure class from him. The Scottish champions leveled with the Englis champions with a great bended shot at the far corner by O’Connell. The draw resulted in the penalty shootout. Forest of Celtic failed to convert the penalty due to great save from Schmeichel leaded for City’s victory.

FC Internazionale vs Paris Saint Germain (1:3)

PSG dominating the first half in their homeland during the first half. Ben Arfa’s free kick targeted the goal but saved by goalkeeper later converted by Serge Aurier. Not a great free-kick from Ben Arfa but sloppy work from the goalkeeper resulted in the goal. The foul at the end of the first half resulted in a penalty for Inter which was finely converted by Jovetic. Again PSG player Kurzawa netted the third goal from a free kick. Once again it was Serge Aurier who scored from header at perfect cross provided by Pastore.

Juventus vs Tottenham (2:1)

New signing Paula Dybala scored the first goal for Juventus assisted by Pareyra. Dybala finishes it very well providing a great learning cure for the youngsters. Benatia marks his dubut with a goal from a header which led Juventus to lead by 2 goals. A perfect header from Benatia! Eric Lamela finishes well to open the score sheet for Tottenham side. Wanyama in the midfield made it happen, but Lamela stayed cool and scored.


27 July 2016

Real Madrid vs Paris Saint GErmain

Bayern Munich vs Inter Milan

Chelsea vs Liverpool

Borussia Dortmund vs Manchester city on 28 July

Tottenham Hotspur vs Atletico Madrid on 29 July 2016

Manchester City vs Manchester United which is postponed

30 July 2016

Celtic FC vs Barca

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich

Liverpool vs Inter Milan

PSG vs Leicester City FC

3 August 2016

Barca vs Leicester City FC

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid

Milan vs Chelsea

Liverpool vs Barca on 6 August 2016

Inter Milan vs Celtic FC on 13 August 2016