What is fitness to you? What is health according to you?

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If you want to have a healthy life these three things are must. They are not difficult. It’s how seriously you take them. Eating junk food and sitting idle at home won’t get you anywhere! It’s not that getting six packs is fitness! Its just exercising daily at home if you do not want to go out, eating right food and meditating. It will help you to stay away from common diseases like cold and fever. Studies have found out that people who exercise and meditate regularly are happier and live longer than others. Its your decision to live a healthy life or to stay fat and lose control over our body and mind.

Eat clean – more specific eat right and which benefits your body!

Many of us come across the questions like what should I eat to stay fit and when should I eat. These are basic things that one should know. It is quite simple, we are educated people. We do not have to go too deep. To talk about eating clean, eat more veggies,fruits and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Drink at least 3 liters per day to keep your body hydrated.

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  • Eat raw vegetables like cabbage,carrots,tomatoes,cucumber etc as they contain lot of antioxidants
  • Eat fruits like apple, banana, pomegranate and oranges. These are easily available.
  • Stay hydrated anywhere you go.
  • Drink lemon water early in the morning 35 to 40 minutes before your breakfast.
  • If you drink coffee or tea, make it black! No sugar No milk! Black coffee is the best fat loss drink
  • Have 4-5 meals a day instead of eating too much at a time

Its up to you what to choose and what not to! Eating what does not benefits your body and regretting afterwards whats the use? Try to cook your own food which will help you track all things you are eating. When we cook for our self we be so careful and we understand things very well. Encourage your friends and relatives which will also help you to boost your own responsibilities. Include more protein and vitamin content in your food rather than more carbs. Off-course need those carbs to go throughout the day but make sure that you get it in the right amount. Over consuming those carbs will deposit fat in your body and nothing else. Make it count!

Exercise daily at least for 20 to 30 minutes

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A brisk walk or jogging for 20 minutes will help to sweat and burn the extra calories. It is not necessary to go to gym always. Exercise can be done at home without any kind of weights. Body weight exercises are the best if you do not want to lift those heavy weights at the gym.

Some basic body-weight exercise include :
  • Squats/Jumping squats- The best exercise in which multiple body parts get involved including lower back,legs,hamstrings and calf.
  • Push-ups- It strengthens your arms as well as your upper back
  • Plank- A great core workout that trains your whole core
  • Suryanamaskar- A great exercise which incorporates core,arms and upper back
  • Pull-ups- Its is also a multiple exercise which involves upper back, shoulders, arms and also the core

This exercises will surely burn your calories without going anywhere, staying at home. At the same time you need rest as well as proper nutrition. Sleep for at least 7 hours a day. Even walking for 30 minutes in your vicinity daily will help you a lot. Exercise help us keep fresh throughout the day. Include some of your friends and encourage them. Together talk about fitness and follow it.

Meditation – Peace of mind!

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Meditation is must nowadays where we don’t have time for our self due to hectic schedule. Getting up early in the morning. Sit in a room where fresh air ventilation is available. Light an incense stick and just do OM chanting. If you accept the flow you will definitely experience peace of mind. If this is not possible sit in a place where there is less amount of noise and pollution. Just thing about what you want, what is troubling you and just share it with nature earth. Nature’s force is extraordinary. Meditation also depends upon your breathing. Focus on your breathing. Give it a try by yourself. It clears of mind and keeps you calm. If you are an angry kind of person then surely you should meditate. Don’t expect results early, try your best and surely you will live a happy life.