Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone – Galaxy Note 7 – will be launched in a few days, which means that it’s time for the rumour mills to work overtime. Now, we have come across a crazy Galaxy Note 7 commercial which reveals quite a bit about the smartphone. Keep in mind that this is coming straight from the horse’s mouth and there’s nothing left to ‘assume’ anymore. Just a bit of common sense (and Google Translate, phew!) is required to decode this ad by Samsung.

The ‘New’ Features…

Okay, so this 30 second video starts with a finger pointing right at you. And then it switches to showing someone unlocking a smartphone by drawing patterns. The caption here roughly reads out – “Are passwords supposed to be complex?” This is an obvious indication about the rumoured iris scanner. Some people are speculating whether the entire screen will have finger-print scanning capabilities. While the clip can be interpreted in that way too, it looks improbable as of now.

Furthermore, a girl’s desperate attempt to take a selfie is shown. While trying to strike a sexy pose, she is holding on to a lamp. The caption here was hard to decipher, but it certainly indicates that the new Note will have something which makes a selfie better – a front flash or maybe the screen brightening up, like Apple’s implementation.

A caption-less shot of a ‘Blind Spot’ road sign is shown next. This was the hardest one to guess but it seems like a hint at curved screen.

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The obvious ones…

Next, words in different languages are marked out by a highlighter. The caption here asks “Does memorising foreign language words require any special courses?”. Seems like this is about some S-Pen features, using which we can translate languages by hovering the pen’s tip above the text.

In addition to these, a shot of old rotary dialer phone falling in water is shown, with a caption “Upset about phone falling in water?”. Even a 10 year-old will be able to understand this hint, so this will be the first water-proof Note phone.

The next sequence shows numbers from 1 to 5 lighting up one by one, followed by the caption “5, then 6?”. A handwritten “No” comes up next, which seems that the answers for all the questions in the video are negative. Consequently letters T and E are added to spell out Note and finally, “2016.08” – August 2016, the phone’s launch date- is shown.

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