Pokemon GO is about catching Pokemon, and you have to actually wander outside and find them. The game uses the phone’s GPS signal to display information about Pokemon that may be in your surrounding, and once you get close enough to a Pokemon, you will get an opportunity to capture that Pokemon. However, if you don’t want to leave your house to catch’em all, Pokemon Go Fake GPS trick may be able to help you.

Note: It is important for you to know that using this trick may lead to a ban on your account. Don’t travel more distances in less amount of time.
Here is the step by step description to perform Pokemon Go Fake GPS trick without rooting your device.
  1. First of all, you need to have the Pokemon Go app on your device. Go to play store and download the Fake GPS App.

Pokemon Go fake gps

2. After the application is installed, go to Phone Settings>Developer Options. In case, the developer option is unlocked then go to About Phone and click on build number seven times. This will unlock the developer options.

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3. In the developer options, go to select mock locations app and set it to Fake GPS.

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4. For devices with android version less than marshmallow, check the Allow mock location option.

Source: phonearena

5. Go to settings>Location>mode> set it on High Accuracy.

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6. Open the Pokemon Go app and minimize it.


7. Open the Fake GPS app. Go to a random location and click on start. Minimize this app.

.                                 1112

8. Restore the minimized Pokemon Go app. It will display ‘ failed to detect location’. Minimize the app.


9. Restore the fake GPS app and click on stop.


10. Restore the Pokemon Go App and Boom!! you are teleport-ed to the random location.

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Enjoy the trick. I don’t take any responsibilities for any ban or after-effects.

If you find any bugs – please feel free to contact us

Keep calm and catch’em all!