Pokemon GO is all about catching Pokemon’s and battling and dominating the gym’s you come across, and for that you have to actually walk a long distance and this actually needs a lot of to overcome your problem there is an easy trick which will help you to play pokemon go using joystick. The game uses your phone’s GPS signal to display information about Pokemon that are in your surrounding, and once you get close enough to a Pokemon, you will get an opportunity to capture that Pokemon. However, if you don’t want to leave your house and want to catch lot’s of pokemon and even hatch the eggs this is the trick you are looking for.

Note: It is important for you to know that this trick usually works in android phones with marshmallo as there operating system.

Here is the step by step description to play Pokemon Go using joystick  without rooting your device.
  1. first you need to download Pokemon Go and fly Gps app.

Play pokemon go using joystick2. Once the application is installed, go to Phone Settings>Developer Options. In case, the developer option is not available in your device then go to About Phone and click on build number seven times. This will unlock the developer options.


3.In the developer options, go to select mock locations app and set it to Fly GPS.


4.Go to settings>Location>mode> set it on High Accuracy. This helps your Gps to work faster.


5.Then open the fly gps app and click on a random location. Click on the pop up, please select the menu>Gps service run>joystick location mode-(Pokemon).After this the Fly gps app will minimize and a joystick will appear on your screen.

Screenshot_20160802-185741 Screenshot_20160802-185748 the pokemon go app and move around the map using the joystick and catch the pokemon .


You can easily hatch your pokemon eggs using this joystick technique.this technique does not require your phone to be Roooted.

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