After the extreme success of Pokémon Go, it is also facing many problems and one is that its CEO John Hanke’s twitter account was hacked on Sunday and the hackers claim that the password was “nopass,”. This easy password with no numbers and special characters would take under a minute to apply brute force.This hack is the latest in a string of Twitter account hacks of high-profile accounts. Many also suggest that this is a marketing Stunt.
The person behind the attack posted many tweets after hacking and said that the hack was for Brazil, asking to release the Pokemon Go there.johnhanke-e1470049217365

All tweets contained the hashtag #OurMine. According to Cnet, OurMine is an organization that tests security of social media account. #OurMine is also being used by hundreds of Twitter accounts. This isn’t OurMine’s first hack. The organization has hacked into many high-profile accounts, including William Shatner, Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick.

The last tweet contained that the “John’s password was “nopass” – not exactly the most secure password…”The tweets also included The Quora links but now they are no longer available. 

The tweets awared that Pokemon Go is not available for Brazil too like India.
There is, of course, brought attention that the twiiter accounts are not still safe enough.