Microsoft has pledged to delivering two Windows 10 feature updates to customers in coming year 2017

The Microsoft released the one Windows 10 upgrade for this year last week when it shipped 1607 – the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

“Windows 10, version 1607 is our third Windows 10 feature update released. Based on feedback from organisations moving to Windows 10, this will be our last feature update for 2016, with two additional feature updates expected in 2017,” company announced in their recent blog post. “two additional feature updates expected in 2017,” Mercer added.

According to a post from Windows central, this two updates are codenamed as Redstone 2 and Redstone 3.  the first major update codenamed Redstone 2 will release in the early part of 2017. Second major update codenamed Redstone 3 will release later part of 2017.

This will leave around 4-6 months between Redstone 2 and Redstone 3, which is similar to the update pattern that the Threshold update wave followed. Redstone 3 will likely be a much smaller update compared to Redstone 2, much like Threshold 2 was to Threshold 1. Microsoft is expected to deliver early beta versions of its Redstone 2 update to Windows Insider in coming weeks.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update already started rolling out to Windows 10 PC and tablet users from August 2. Microsoft had announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update back in March during its annual Build conference.

Source: Microsoft, Windows Central