GoPro has officially announced the price for its new 360 GoPro Omni camera and now there’s a release date as well. The Company will start selling its rig on 17 August and will ship out pre orders too. GoPro Omni is up for pre-orders now.

For $5,000, you’ll get six cameras, software, smart remote, memory cards, cables, and more, with preorders open now. The rig alone will cost $1,500.

For the new kit, GoPro has launched GoPro VR, a channel for 360-degree and virtual reality videos. It will be available for users through iOS and Android apps to showcase GoPro VR videos and eventually user created content.

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Announced a year ago, the GoPro Omni is the first official camera rig from GoPro. GoPro also revealed a wireless streaming tool called LiveVR .

GoPro Omni Features:
GoPro Omni
  1. 6 HERO4 Black cameras with 32GB microSD cards.
  2. 8K Capture
  3. Smart Remote to trigger GoPro Omni.
  4. Along with in-camera batteries, it has external power supply as well.
  5. GoPro VR , a web platform where you can easily upload and share your 360° videos.
  6. Applications for Mac OS and Windows to stitch and edit your videos (Omni Importer, Kolor Autopano Video Pro + Autopano Giga).
  7. No need to synchronize your videos in post-production.
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Unlike cameras in GoPro’s past, the Omni is aimed at the professionals and may be a bit more costly since it has six GoPro Black cameras. It is not as expensive as the $15,000 Google Jump VR rig but it is not cheap either.

With the release of  VR headsets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the demand for more VR content like games and other VR experiences will start to increase. So expect to see more such cameras in the future, and even more VR tools for creators.

Earlier this year, there were loads of new 360-degree cameras including the LG 360 CAM and Samsung Gear 360, both are smaller in size and are handheld devices, and the Gear 360 which is  a larger camera for capturing VR. The production quality may not seem good, but it can be afforded.

In comparison, there’s the Nokia OZO which is for Hollywood bigwigs and costs a humongous $60,000. Aside from the huge brands, plenty of other smaller brands have also took up the challenge VR cameras at much more lesser and economical price points.