Whatsapp has been one of the most popular and widely-used instant messaging app for a long time. It’s fast, reliable and has just enough features that is required from such an app. But that doesn’t mean the app is perfect. Though it has features which are enough to make it a good messaging app, it lacks a few important features too. One such basic feature is the ability to send/share messages with multiple contacts. Till now, users had to send the message to one person, and then select it to send it to another recipient and so on. But this is going to change since a recent update in Whatsapp enables multi-sharing feature.

Version 2.16.230, which is a beta version, has this particular feature. An updated version 2.16.231 is already available on APKMirror. Interested users can click on the link below to download. And if you don’t want to side-load apps on your phone, then you’ll have to wait for a few days.

Here’s how to use the feature.

  • Select the message, media or the document you want to share and click share/forward button at the top.
Recent update in WhatsApp enables multi-sharing
Select and Click Forward
  • A list of contacts will appear below “Forward to…” or “Send to…” (Depending on whether you are forwarding or sharing it) It will have a “Frequent chats” section, with 3 most frequent contacts, at the top and other “Recent chats” below. If the recipient is not in these lists, you can always go to “Other contacts” section.
  • Select as many contacts as you wish.
Select from Frequent chats, Recent chats or Other contacts
  • A green tick will appear besides the selected contact/group icon. Also, the name of the contact/group will appear in a green bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the Send button at the bottom right to share the message

It makes us wonder what took them so long to include this feature. After all, this is a very basic function, and many of us would have required this feature more than once. Though we had the option to broadcast our messages, it was no substitute for this feature. We are glad that this feature has made its way to the app.

Only gripe we have is that the “Other contacts” section is not a separate tab, but it lies all the way down at the end of the first two lists. Since this is just the beta version, maybe they will rectify this in the official version. The official version will be available on the Play Store soon.


WhatsApp 2.16.231 [APKMirror]