Google announced their new apps – Allo and Duo – during the I/O earlier this year. While Allo is an instant messaging app, Duo is a mobile to mobile video calling app. As usual, they informed us that they will launch the apps ‘soon’. The tech giant has today announced via their official blog that they are releasing Google Duo, but it’s still not available to all. The app will be rolled out in phases and it will be completed within a few days. It’s available only to a few users as of now. Others have the option to pre-register for the app and wait for the release. Click on the link below to check if the app is available on your phone.

Why Duo?

The advantage of this app is that it is uncluttered unlike other such apps. This is just for phone to phone conversations on the go. And that means it doesn’t have support for group video calling, which is covered in Hangouts anyway. This app is purely for one-to-one communication and will be available on phones only, unlike Hangouts. It’s a cross platform app too, whereas its rival Facetime is iOS only.

The interface of the app is very neat and simple. To start with, you don’t need a Google ID for login. You have to register it by your mobile number and you are good to go. You can call anyone in your contacts who have the app installed, and you can invite your friends via SMS in case they haven’t installed it.

Call quality issues are reported in such apps, and Google knows this very well. The app changes the quality of the video depending on the signal strength, and this ensures that you stay connected even on slower networks. It also switches between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically so that there won’t be a call drop.

A unique feature of this app is Knock Knock, which shows you a live video of the caller before you pick the call. This gives you a sense of what’s coming your way even before answering the call, and this can also help you to decide whether the call has to be answered or ignored. This particular feature won’t work on iOS device unless the app is already open.

The calls are also end-to-end encrypted, which means your conversations can be accessed only by you and your contact.

Download Links:

Duo for Android

Duo for iOS