Xbox one S

Microsoft launched the Xbox one S on 2nd of august. Release date in India is not yet available. Xbox one S is better than Xbox one and upgraded version of Xbox. It is not an successor of Xbox one. The features of  X Box one S are much better than the normal Xbox one. It is currently available in white version. New variants are expected by december.

Here are the ten reasons why Xbox one S is better than Xbox one:

  1. The Xbox one s is 40% smaller than the Xbox one.
  2. It comes with an integrated power supply. So no more worrys about a power chord only a straigt wire.
  3. Xbox one s has HDR (high dynamic range). HDR provides a very wide range i.e very much detailed. It looks like real life scenario.
  4. It comes with an HDMI port 2.0 which supports 4k ultra video and Blu-ray. where the xbox one had HDMI port 1.4.
  5. Xbox one S  have 2TB, 1TB, and 500GB variants.
  6. It’s controller comes with a textured grip. It has wireless and bluetooth for a increased range and better compatibility with a computer. You can design your own controller with different textures and designs before buying.
  7. where the xbox one has the touch sensitive power button. The Xbox one s has a physical power button. It is to avoid any accidental switching on and off of the console.
  8. The Xbox one s is cheaper than he Xbox one.
  9. It comes with a stand (optional) which helps you to place your console vertically.

    Xbox one S is better than Xbox one
  10. It has better frame rate and visuals than the Xbox One.