Do not have much time left or you remembered your sisters birthday too late? Here is a pretty good solution for that. It is a quick tutorial for making a card with not much needed yet your sister/your friend will surely love it. In case you are in hurry and you are already late for a birthday you will just need 30 minutes to make one. You can modify it according to your need and time and the things you already have. If not you just need a few things


List of things you need ⇒

  1. Greeting card paper which is available in stationary shop for less than 5 Rs
  2. Printer papers (5 to 6) which is also for less than 1 buck
  3. A few sketch-pens, glue and a scissor
  4. Little of your drawing skills or scribbling will do

How to make a Birthday card within few minutes:


  • Take a printer paper and cut it into half lengthwise.
  • Take the first half and fold it into half again and again fold it as shown in the picture below.
  • Once done fold it from the top to halfway as you do for making a rocket and same opposite.
  • Then give it another fold an cut from the dotted lines the fold that part which you have cut and do it again.
  • After you open it you will see it is a perfect flower. Cut a little curvy to get more accurate flower. Now you need to cut
  • Now you need 7 such flowers. So you know what to do next.
  • Are the 7 flowers are ready?? we are almost done. You just need to place those flower one above another as shown by applying glue on the dots which are marked. Please Note: Do not apply glue anywhere else or to the whole petal.Just the dotted mark. Or you will need another 30 minutes to cope up with the mess you end up doing.
  • Let them dry for few seconds. Now take the greeting card paper and place the flower as shown and again apply glue on the dotted mark only. Fold the paper and do the same on the opposite side. The CARD IS DONE. Now open it and you will see the magic. Do not SCREAM
  • Now depending upon the time left just write some message or wishes in your own style and just give it some finishing and WE ARE DONE HERE. That’s how you can create a birthday card within few minutes.

Follow this pictorial guide:

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If you guys stuck up somewhere here is a video tutorial for you:

Music Credits to NCS- The Best of 2015 [Album Mix] by NCS ::

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