Pokemon Go : Catch any Pokemon using Pokesniper 2.

Pokesniper is a mod which helps you to login your pokemon go app using pc. You can catch any pokemon using this software. The software will catch the pokemon for you.

Note:Before you follow these steps check whether you are soft banned.

This trick won’t work if you are soft banned. So wait for few hours until the ban is raised.

Here is the step by step description to catch any pokemon using pokesniper:

  1. Download the Pokesniper2 software from here.

2. Extract the file and then open Pokesniper2.


3. Type “Y” click enter.

4. Type “1” if you use google. “2” if you use trainers account to login Pokemon Go.



5. To avoid a softban, your current location is required. Enter Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.

6. Get Latitude, Longitude and Altitude Coordinates of your current location from here.

7. Type the coordinates and then click enter.


8. Then enter your Google login details for Pokemon Go and click enter.


9. Then click enter to confirm.

10. Once you are logged in. Go to Pokesnipers.com.

11. select the pokemon you want to catch. Type the name of the pokemon in software and click enter. Then type the latitude and longitude of the pokemon and click enter.

It will take few seconds and will catch the pokemon. Click enter to catch another.


I got a Charizard, now its your turn.

Note: A few times the Pokemon are unavailable at the location. so it will show some error. Then just wait for some time or try some other Pokemon.

Note: We do not recommend using this Trick. While cheating in any game, there is always a chance of getting banned.


PokeSniper 2 Download Link

Latitude, Longitude and Altitude

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