Apple’s events are always the ones the tech community looks forward to, and barring a few times, all their launches have a lot of hype surrounding them. This year has been no exception and the rumour mills are working extra time already. With less than a week remaining for the launch, we have already heard a lot about the next iPhone. So, let’s take a look at what to expect – iPhone 7 price, launch date, rumoured specifications, design changes, etc.


The iPhone 7 will most probably look like iPhone 6s sans the horizontal antenna lines to the back. This means Apple won’t go for major design changes, something that happens once in 2 years with iPhone. Two years after iPhone 4, we saw a design overhaul in iPhone 5. Same happened with iPhone 6, which launched two years after iPhone 5. In terms of design changes, two major things are rumoured so far, which brings us to the next topic – Home Button

No Physical Home Button?

Rumours suggest that Apple will implement a different Home button with the iPhone 7. It won’t be a physical button which can be pressed down, but rather it will be having sensors beneath it. When you tap it, the sensors will give you haptic feedback which replicates the feel of physical button. So, home ‘button’ is one of the two things that Apple is removing from iPhone this year. The second is… the omnipresent 3.5 mm headphone jack.

No 3.5 mm audio jack

This rumour has been going on since the beginning of 2016. The audio output will be via the Lightning port which may deliver a higher quality sound. This is also supposed to help Apple make the iPhone 7 thinner than ever. And of course, help them get some profit via the ridiculously priced adaptors. While we are at it, there is another change relating to audio.

Dual speakers | Earpiece to be made into a full speaker

The earpiece at the top will become a full speaker with the help of additional amplifiers. This will offer stereo sound and will enhance the audio quality while the phone is in landscape orientation.


The iPhone 7 will probably have a similar sensor like iPhone 6s, with OIS as the only addition. But iPhone 7 plus will be having a dual lens setup. Both of them will be 12 MP, but one will have wide-angle lens. There may be 4 LED flashes, one cool tone and one warm tone flash each for both cameras.

iPhone 7 price, launch date, rumoured specifications
Leaked iPhone dummy models

Water resistance

Previous iPhones were water-resistant to some extent, but the company never claimed it to be so. But the iPhone 7 and 7 plus might have water resistance, and that’s good news for iPhone fans. The removal of the audio jack will help this aspect too.Still not completely water-proof, but it will be able to survive splashes and dips.


The new iPhones will have wide colour displays, which was present in the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. The newer technology will give better colour reproduction. And there are vague reports suggesting Apple will bump up the resolution of iPhone. While they will have similar screen sizes as the predecessors, the 7 plus might have a 1440p screen. It is very unlikely to happen, but this is a rumour round-up and we have come across a couple of such reports.

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There won’t be a 16 GB version this time around. The base variant will have 32 GB storage, which is a welcome move. The next options would be 128 GB and a whopping 256 GB, which will be available only for 7 plus. 2 GB RAM will be available on 7 and 3 GB on 7 plus.

Price and Colour options

The pricing have always been similar to previous the iPhones at launch. But this year with upgraded storage options, there might be a hike in price. The 6s launched at $649 unlocked, so we might see a $700 base price. In India, 6s costed Rs. 62,000 which means almost $950, instead of $649. Expect that to go higher too.

iPhone 7 price, launch date, rumoured specifications
SIM slots in the rumoured 5 colours

Colour options available will be Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Dark Black (or Space Gray) and Piano Black.

Launch | How to watch 

Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 on Wednesday, 7th September at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, starting at 10 AM local time. That’s 10:30 PM IST (6 PM GMT)

The live stream will be available on Apple events page.

Are you looking forward to iPhone 7’s launch? How excited are you about the changes that have been rumoured? What do you think about the omission of 3.5 mm jack? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section.