Easily level up your Pokemon Go account :

It’s very hard to level up in Pokemon Go after certain level. Redox Pokemon Go bot helps you to easily level up your Pokemon go account. It also helps you to catch rare Pokemon. which are difficult to find in wild. The redox bot is an computer software which login’s in your account and travel itself to different Pokestops and also collect items from them. It catches each and every Pokemon that spawns which in return gives you XP. Which helps you to level up your account. One can easily gain around 50-60 thousand of xp within an hour.

So here is the the step by step description on how to use the Redox Pokemon go bot:

1. Download the Redox Pokemon Go Bot.

2. Extract the file. Then open the Redox Pokemon Go bot application.

3. Then go to settings and select the login type for your Pokemon Go account (google/Ptc)

Then select a location on the map with lots of Pokestops.

Set the rasberry mode to probability (use rasberry only on strong Pokemons) set it to 4.

Set the transfer type to “Leave Strongest” (Weak Pokemons will be transferred).

You must set travel speed to 10 km/hr. Keep it slow or you will get banned.

other settings are your choice.

easily level up your pokemon go account


Then click save.

4. Select the Pokemon you want your bot to catch. By clicking on Pokemon tab in the right corner.

5. You can use use lucky egg for double xp. If you have one.

6. Then click ‘Start bot’.

The bot will start moving and catch Pokemon for you and collect items from Pokestops.

Which will give you more xp and will help you to level up easily.

Video description on how to use Redox Pokemon Go Bot :

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Download link:

Redox Pokemon Go Bot : https://github.com/Pokemon-Go-Bot/Redox-PokemonGo-Bot