Having problem starting your Computer? Here are few solutions which you can try.

First of all let us discuss something very important about your PC. If you are a power user then you should follow certain steps to make it work smoothly and for long time. Cleaning your PC in 2 months will definitely help. Make sure the earthing in your home is proper. Also use a UPS in case of frequent power cuts. This helps a lot. Instead of your PC just getting switched off with a BOOM, UPS gives some time to Turn Off. Do not bang your PC id its not working. THIS WILL NOT HELP AT ALL. Find out what is wrong with your computer and try some basic things out instead of dumping it in a repair shop. Here are a few SYMPTOMS which you will experience during the start-up if your PC is facing some problem.


  1. You will observe that your PC(cabinet, motherboard, fans, etc.) is working, but nothing is flashing on screen of your monitor.
  2. During start-up you are hearing many kind of beeps.
  3. No beeps, No display !


  • One beep at the start displaying the logo means there is no post error.
  • Long beeps with endless loops mean there is no system RAM installed or connected on the computer.
  • One long beep followed by three short beeps means the video card is not found of the video cards memory is dead.
  • High frequency beeps means the system is overheating.

PLEASE NOTE: I will not be held responsible for any damages. Try these methods at your own risk. These methods worked for me but its not that they will work for you all. But you can give a shot.



  1. Look out for the error beep codes. Before removing any part from the computer make sure that you disconnect the supply cable to your cabinet. Then click on the power button (few times) which will discharge remaining current.
  2. You can then do the required measures. Try to remove the RAM from the port and wipe it with a clean cloth. Rub the carbon part with a rubber and wipe it off and insert the ram. Connect the supply cable and try to start the PC.
  3. If this method still doesn’t work. Again follow step1( This is important ). Try to remove the CMOS battery with a screw driver press the button beside it stating CLR_CMOS. If such button is not provided then keep the battery for 10 minutes. This will automatically clear the CMOS memory. Again try to start your pc by connecting the supply cable.

    I tried all the above methods but my PC wasn’t starting. My monitor was connected to my cabinet Via HDMI cable to the Graphics Card. My mother board also had an option of connecting HDDB-Male to Male cable. I tried that. Took a male to male cable and connected my PC and monitor. My PC started without any problem. This meant that my Graphics Card is the issue. Then I removed the graphics card and gave it in repair shop. Fortunately that guy was a savior as he repaired it. He also mentioned that there are very few chances of Graphics Card getting repaired. I was lucky that time.

If these method doesn’t work for you then you should surely get it in the computer shop for getting repaired. Make sure you keep your head cool and do not panic, if your PC is not starting. Sometimes its a minor problem while sometimes its not. Just try these things out and let me know in the comments what you think and what are your queries.

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