WhatsApp has recently released an update by which users could send files in .gif format. In a slew of updates since the last few weeks WhatsApp has added many features like tagging, replying and support for GIFs. More updates which enable doodling of images before sharing are expected to come out very soon.

The release of support for GIFs had confused users, since there are options to share only images and videos. The fact that only ‘forwarding’ the received GIFs seemed to work added to the confusion. Any GIF ‘shared’ via WhatsApp was sent in mp4 format, not in .gif format as one would expect. This is because the option to send files as GIF is hidden while we share them.

There’s an option to send video files as GIF, but only up to 6 seconds. And this means it doesn’t matter if you have a real GIF file or a video file. So, let’s take a look at how to share small snippets in .gif format.

How To Send GIF on WhatsApp | Tutorial

If you have a GIF file that you received from one of your friends via WhatsApp, then you can just ‘forward’ the file to as many contacts as you wish. But to send a GIF file that you have on your device, or if you wish to share a small clip from a video as GIF, then you have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Share the video/GIF from your Gallery to WhatsApp. You can share videos from WhatsApp itself, but make sure that you click on ‘share’, not ‘forward’.screenshot_20160923-194959How to send GIF on WhatsApp
  2. Add as many contacts in your list as you wish. Click Send.screenshot_20160923-195354-copy
  3. You will reach the editing screen where you can select the clip from the video. Move the select buttons on the seek bar below, and make sure that the clip is not more than 6 seconds long.

    How to send GIF on WhatsApp
    The toggle won’t appear if the selected video is longer than 6 seconds
  4. When the selected clip is less than or equal to 6 seconds, a Video/GIF toggle will appear on the top right corner. Click on it to set it to GIF mode.screenshot_20160923-195829
  5. You can add a caption if you wish. Click SEND.

That’s it! A very easy procedure made difficult because of the hidden toggle. It’s right up in the corner, but it will appear only when the selected clip is shorter than 6 seconds. This appearing and disappearing makes it difficult for normal users. A permanent toggle which turns grey when the video is longer than 6 seconds would have been ideal.

So what do you think about the new features that WhatsApp is adding to the app? Will you be using these features? Are there any other features you wish WhatsApp adds in its future updates? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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