Here are few tips on how to stay fit :

Any type of regular and physical activity can improve your fitness and your health.
The most important thing to stay fit is to always keep moving! Exercise should be a regular part of your day, like brushing your teeth,using your phone,eating,and sleeping. It can be in gym or joining a sports team, or working out on your own.

Keep the following tips in your mind:
Stay positive always and have fun. A good mental attitude is very important.

Find a activity that you think is fun. You are more likely to keep with exercising if you choose something that you like. A lot of people find it more fun to exercise with someone else, so see if you can find some friends or family members to be with you.

Take it one step at a time only. Small changes can add up to the better fitness. For example, walk or ride your bike to school,college or to a friend’s house instead of getting a ride there. Get on or off the bus several blocks away so that you can walk the rest of the way. Make sure you use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator.

Get your heart pumping. Whatever you choose to do make sure it includes aerobic exercise that makes you breathe harder and increases your heart rate. This is one of the best type of exercise because it increases your fitness level and makes your heart and lungs work better. It also helps to burn off body fat. Examples of aerobic activities are basketball,football, running, or swimming.

Don’t forget to do warm up with some easy exercises or mild stretching before you do any kind of physical activity. This warms your muscles up and may help protect you against injury.

Stretching makes your muscles and joints more flexible. It is also important to stretch out your body after you exercise to cool down your muscles properly.

 Your goal should be to do some type of exercise each and every day. It is best to do a aerobic activity without stopping for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Drink a glass of water half an hour before eating food. This will help you loose some weight.

Do the activity as often as possible, but do not exercise to the point of pain. It may cause injury.

stay fit