Ashish Mukundan
Core Team & Editor
Ashish Mukundan is a tech enthusiast and sports lover. Currently pursuing engineering in Mumbai, he wishes to share his thoughts through brief articles.
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Rahul Yadav
Core Team & Editor
Based in Navi Mumbai, Rahul Yadav is a Software Engineer at Capgemini. INDIA Finalist in COMPUDON Season IV.
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Rohit Koli
Core Team & Editor
Stays in Navi Mumbai. Electrical Engineer! Amateur Guitar player and loves to play soccer.Friendly and hardworking. Is a Sports and Fitness writer at SnazzyMedia
Rohit Patil
Core Team & Editor
Rohit Patil is a freelance writer at SnazzyMedia writes mainly on sports.
Ayush Pandey
Pratik Patil
CEO & Founder
He already runs an award winning tech blog named, "Nextthinkerz." Recently his blog has received the "Best Technology & Internet Blog Award in India" which was hosted by Blogadda. Whereas Snazzymedia is his newest blog.
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